Back to blogging?

I recently took an unplanned hiatus from blogging.  Sunday came and went without a blog, and the world kept spinning 🙂 And then another Sunday came and went, and then next thing I knew, it was July! July!!! I haven’t taken this kind of break since forever!

Nick suggested I get back on the blogging train, so here I am.  Sunday night, and writing.  And I’ll be honest, it feels good.  Writing for fun.  Whatever comes out of the ol’ fingers 🙂

But what’s been up with us? Well, lots since April 🙂  I’ll start recapping later this week.  For now, the highlights!

– Nick wrote a cute little article about our Year of Slow Dances
– I just finished reading The Testing trilogy by Joelle Charbonneau, another teenage, dystopian novel.
– Nick and I saw Matilda, the musical last Thursday.  From what we recall, it stayed pretty true to the book! The kids were amazing!
– Before the show, we grabbed dinner at Off the Grid – french fry burritos from Senor Sisig and kimchi/bulgogi fries!

Have a great week!

Finishing off Sunday // #ayearofslowdances #sunday #slowdances #zacbrown

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Well that was adorbs! // #matilda #sf #musical

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