How I picked my NCAA bracket

Nick in golden gate parkI don’t know why I always complete a March Madness bracket.  Basketball is not and area of expertise nor is it even a remote interest.  I’ll pay attention if UW is in the tournament – and I’ll fill out 2 brackets. 1 where they win it all, and another where they lose in the 2nd round.  I was going to sit this year out, but Nick had a group and I decided to join.  Not realizing when the games started, I ended up choosing my teams before I left for work, the morning the tournament started.  In general, this is my strategy:

1. Do I have a connection to the school.

That’s about it.

Oh, and if a team is undefeated, I’ll pick them to go all the way.  We’ve got some friends that went to Wisconsin, easy.  Gonzaga is the only Washington school in the tournament.  And our good friends are from Michigan.  And I always pick Oregon to lose.  Always.  Some of these strategies work, some don’t, but I currently have a 93% ranking on ESPN….whatever that means 🙂

Did you have a good weekend?  I accidentally booked back to back shoots in the city – Saturday and Sunday.  The weather was great…..which meant the city was crowded.  But Nick tagged along on Saturday and worked under the shade of a small tree and blogged while I shot photos for a friend from work.  We had some delicious Vietnamese food (but not as good as the real stuff) and saw this hilarious sign outside an adult store.

Then Brooke and I spent a MARATHON day in the city on Sunday.  Ironically, the Rock n Roll half marathon was being run in SF on Sunday….not my first run in with marathon chaos 😉  And now I’m pooped.  I need a weekend from my weekend!

Happy Monday!

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