Looking back on 2015

2015 has been quite a year, and I’m sure 2016 will be a mixture of exciting/entertaining/tiring, the likes of which we’ve never experienced.

Here’s to 2015!

January // a Year of Slow Dances


We kicked off 2015 with a Year of Slow Dances.  While it wasn’t the viral sensation I had hoped for, it was still a great way to spend a few minutes with Nick.

February // Super Bowl and Hawaii




One of my more epic rice krispie treat creations made its debut for the Super Bowl. Unfortunately the Hawks lost, but we still enjoyed dessert!

2015-02-15_1424042559 2015-02-15_1424040400

Spent a week in Kona with Nick’s parents!  Boogie boarding, exploring secret caves with relatives and eating enough Shave Ice and Poke for a small army!

March // SF, Accidental Chinese New Year2015-03-08_1425788924

Saw the weirdest play ever in SF – Saving Mr. Burns. Ended up getting stuck in Chinese New Years traffic.

April // Anniversary and Friends!2015-04-02_1427984106

Celebrated 5 years of marriage (and 16 years of together).  Nick, always the optimist, thought we were on 6.  He was pumped because year 6 = candy.  Next year, my little chicken counter.


Tyler, Caresse, and Isla came for a little easter visit!

May // DC, Dallas, & Dance!2015-05-07_1431040268

We decided to spend a long weekend in DC, visiting friends and enjoying patriotism.


We saw Karen, Mike, and Charlie! And spent the day at the DC zoo (which is free and totally awesome!)


Then we spend a few days with Kelly and Sean, explored more of the city and knocked another ballpark off Nick’s list!


We then took advantage of a layover in Dallas to have lunch with these crazy kids! Oh how I wish they lived a little bit closer 🙂

May was capped off with an epic Bryck pairing in our ballet’s local performance of Sleeping Beauty.  Nick as the king, me as the queen.


June // Relay, Love, and Spelunking2015-06-27_1435443619

Once again, we spent a day walking around a track to raise money to fight cancer.  


The supreme court decided people who love each other should be able to get married.


And we went spelunking with the Scheffels!

July // SF Date Days/Nights2015-07-03_1435954108

We spent a day in the city, eating Sushirittos and taking in the beautiful weather.2015-07-17_1437112439

And another date night to see Matilda and have food truck food!

August // Disneyland, Seattle, Chicago


In a truly YOLO moment, decided to spend the day in Disneyland with this girl, her fam, and our friends Heather and DJ.  Best. Decision. Ever.  Happy Birthday to me! Nick also baked me a cake to celebrate another trip around the sun and we had an epic Thanksgiving themed double birthday party (Happy Birthday, Jen!).


Headed back to Seattle, because summer in Seattle is epic.



2015-08-31_14410647372015-08-29_1440890630 2015-08-28_1440802584 And hit up Chicago with Caresse, Tyler, and Isla! We knocked another 2 stadiums off of Nick’s list, ate Shake Shack and Chicago dogs, and had a great time visiting with friends!

September // Nick and more Disney2015-09-10_1441894721

Nick turned another year older, and obviously wiser 🙂


As did my madre!  And she decided she wanted to spend it in Disneyland.  We were happy to oblige!

October // Europe and the Huskies2015-10-08_1444310060 2015-10-14_1444849875 2015-10-16_1445003520 2015-10-17_1445117922

We spent a week and a half touring around Istanbul, Florence, and Venice.  Eating as much gelato as we possibly could 🙂  2015-10-25_1445752435

We finished up the month watching our poor huskies lose to Stanford.

November // Fake-aversary, Thanksgiving and a baby


We celebrated our 5 year fake-aversary! 2015-12-01_1448939475

And in a pretty epic fail, we did not capture the Thanksgiving crew – 9 years strong! But obviously captured the food.  We were joined this year by Kyle and Mallory and little Taco!2015-11-26_1448564950

And decided it was about time to tell the world we were having a baby.

So my friends obviously threw the greatest shower ever.  And everyone came!

2015-Shower-0166 2015-Shower-0184 2015-Shower-0201 2015-Shower-0212

December // No more travel


We ended the year still slow dancing 🙂2015-12-21_1450678064

With a little Nutcracker sprinkled in.2015-12-25_1451060083

And an uncharacteristically low key, but still awesome, Christmas.

Happy New Year!



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  1. I’m soooooo excited for you and Nick! It was fun reading your 2015 recap (and inspires me to write one…), and I hope we can find a time to hang out in 2016. Now that I’m married too (aren’t I fancy?), we can even do a double date 🙂

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