Bryn Ashley.  Or brynashley.  On a daily basis, I kinda look like the girl on the left.  From time to time, I can look like the girl on the right.

I started this blog on December 31st of 2006.  I had just moved to California and wasn’t sure how I’d keep in touch with family and friends.  Four years later, it’s going stronger than ever!

I don’t consider myself an expert at anything, mostly a dabbler in lots of things.


I can read a recipe and I own a kitchenaid mixer.


I rarely follow instructions when I cook.  Recipes are for baking.  I own some fancy cooking equipment, mostly because my dad thinks I’ll know how to use it.  But on occasion, I’ve been known to whip up a mean Thanksgiving dinner, pulled pork sandwich and traditional Japanese food (but not all at once).


I consider myself a slightly above average photographer.  Why?  I actually did research prior to buying my most recent camera (+).  I decided against a DSLR (-).  BUT my camera has all sorts of fancy settings that I actually know how to use (+).  I know how to edit my photos (+)….in Picasa (-).  I downloaded photo editing software similar to photoshop (+), but I haven’t used it to edit a photo yet (-).


I didn’t get a passport until college and haven’t used it enough since then.  But when I travel, I do it right.  Whether it’s a quick trip to Disneyland or 2 weeks in Europe, I’ll make the most of it!


That’s a lie.  I try to entertain and am somewhat successful.  I own 23 appetizer plates, so that’s a start.  Our Mexico wedding was planned from my dining room table in California, and by all accounts, went pretty well.


My sister is the designer.  I’m a poser.  But I know what I like and have realized I have a somewhat eclectic taste that mixes modern & contemporary with a little vintage on the side.  Still trying to refine my style.


But most importantly, I blog. It remains a creative outlet for the other side of my brain.  It reminds me that writing is still important, even if I do deal with numbers almost all day.  I started a second blog at the beginning of 2011, www.1000usefulthings.com.  Not sure if I’ll make it to 1000, but I’m going to give it a try.

While I claim that I blog for myself, it doesn’t hurt to get blog love periodically.  So feel free to send me a note about a potential blog post, recipe or craft project you’d like me to try, trip you’d like me to go on {or at least plan} or just to say hello.


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  2. It was nice talking with Nadine. She tald me about your blog. Aunt Yone looks like fine. I am very happy to see your photos.

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