Heart Shaped Hamburgers

Yes.  I posted about this last year on Valentine’s Day.  The struggle with blogging, is that you have to blog well before the actual holiday.  Who cares about the best Valentine’s Day cake – even if it tastes delicious and actually helps you lose weight – if you find out about it on 2/15?

So in case you are looking for an easy, kid (or adult) friendly Valentine’s Day dinner.  Look no further!  And if you live in California, you can even bust out the BBQ for this one!

It’s simple!  I used 2 large, nesting, heart shaped, cookie cutters.

Use the larger of the 2 for the patty.  Meat shrinks after it’s cooked.  Use the smaller one for the cheese, lettuce and bun.

That’s it!  But don’t forget the heart shaped ketchup and mustard!

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