How to open the gas cap on a Chrysler 300

I rent a lot of cars.  I got hooked up with a Chrysler 300 on my most recent trip to Albuquerque.  Everything was fine and dandy until I wen to fill it up with gas.

Filling a rental car with gas is often a cause of stress for me.  I never know how to open the gas cap!  Once, I had to ask for help!  Embarrassing.  But seriously, why can’t car manufacturers put the gas cap button/lever in the same spot on all cars?

Here’s where the release button was located.

On the effing door.

Who looks there?  I didn’t notice it until I’d done an entire sweep of the car’s buttons.  It’s not even visible from the driver’s seat unless the door is wide open.  Poor design, Chrysler.  Poor design.

I’d also like to make a side note that this was one of those cars that starts without a key.  You push a button.  That’s weird.  Very weird.

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  1. Bryan has a 2003 Dodge Neon SXT and the trunk release is in the glove box. Another epic fail by the Chrysler company. :/

    • Actually what you call “epic fail” has an advantage: Putting the trunk release is in the glove box allows you to close the glovebox and lock it with the key. If you manage to accomodate the glovebox contains in a certain way (as a tale-tell), you can notice immediately if the parking valet has opened the trunk, possibly with the intention of stealing items.

  2. We rented a Saturn once. Could not for the life of us find the gas cap button/lever. I finally called a friend who drives a Saturn to ask where it was. There is no button or lever! You push on the fuel door and it opens.

  3. Been there! Yup, extra unnecessary stress returning the car… after you have already gotten stressed out trying to find the gas station…and then finally trying to catch your flight! Let Chrysler know! And the rental company too!

  4. effing door my foot. Looked all over for the release this afternoon till had to log on and search for such an article. Why make such a basic thing so effing difficult at such a difficult moment in my life?? THANKS for the information and the PICTURE

  5. Your blog post saved me this morning on my way to return the car. This was ridiculous placement on an otherwise gorgeous car.

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  7. U saved my day. On the way to return the rental, I stopped for gas and started inspecting the car like a cave man saw a car for the first time. I searched Internet out of vein and stumbled upon ur Blog. Thank god u discovered the button and posted the photo. You are the Colombous of Chrysler!

    • You are not frighten kidding! I was babysitting for a military mom who the father was deployed & it was 1:20 am and the windows have vents that fog up the side mirrors so u can’t see. Poor and dangerous visibility. Chrysler is just stupid! It was a rental of course! Thanks for post! I’d been looking for awhile!

  8. Just went to the gas station to fill up and ran across the same problem. You just saved me a few good minutes and curse words from being rambled. Thanks

  9. Ditto. You saved me, too. I was at the gas station with a new Chrysler 300 and even with the help of the gas station assistant, I could not find a way to open the gas tank. He suggested I goggle it and I stumbled onto you blog. Thank you.

  10. Thanks for the pic! 4 am, rental car, no sleep, bitter cold out, pushing and prodding everywhere in the trunk glove box fuel door-you name it! We’ve gotta hide these things on the door for the people who can break into a 25k vehicle to siphon out some gas?? Won’t go as far as to say you saved me- Jesus did that on the cross. 🙂 But your pic prevented some frostbite. Thanks!

  11. You saved my time, I was so depressed how to fill in the gas where I can not fond the fule gas cap release , rediculous what a poor design the company has, especially with such touch point design it should have a guide on the front screen, even I am confuded about the hood latch release too, I do not know where it is???????

  12. Thx for posting this. We just ran into the same situation with our rental and this post saved us from having to pay the fee for not filling the tank.

  13. Thanks for the info, my wife just called with a rental and asked – I had to go on this site to find the gas cap release. Thanks for the picture, she never would have found it, Chrysler this is a change that needs to be made.

  14. I was pumping gas when I noticed an 85 year old man just sitting there not doing anything . I observed for a while as he stared at his steering wheel. I approached him and asked if he needed help. He told me he couldn’t get the fuel door open. I almost chuckled until I started to look for it. Then my smile became a grin once I too could not find it. Thanks for the pick

  15. I too was saved by your pic! Thanks! We’re on vacation. I stop to fill up and how the hell do I get the gas cap opened. Crap! I get out and push on the gas cap. Nothing! I’m looking all over the dash. I see the hood release below but no gas cap release. I finally just googled it. Saw your post! Taa-daah! Stupid place to put the button. Yeah look on the low part of the driver side door. First place I would have thought of. NOT! But I thank you for your post!!!

  16. You saved me too! I drove as far as 7/8 of tank got me…thankfully I found a great Inn in Sheridan Wyoming with wifi. I KNEW if I googled it someone else would have had the same problem!

  17. Thanks a lot dude..I also faced same kind of situation like u. I went to the gas station but i couldnt open the gas inlet, i was pressing everything and it dont open, the Guy beside me was starring at me.. 😀 ..

  18. Thank you so much! I searched everywhere! even tried pressing on the gas door – many cars do that. I about put a 45 in the engine block… Who puts a gas release button there??

  19. I did not read all the comments yet but I would give a short constructive critisizm note to the manager in regards to the rental agencies employees giving customers a quick rundown of the cars functions before it is drivin off the lot..
    Helpful post!

  20. When gas station nossel wont go into gas tank use the plastic funnel that comes with car for gas can useage when you run out of gas, or go to a different station.

  21. You are the man – no way I would have found that button without your picture. Even with the picture it was tricky, you need to look towards the rear of the car after the door is opened. Weird that there isn’t a gas cap, it’s built into the door.

    I also had a challenge trying to find the button to disable the rear sunshade. Problem is that there is no button like on most cars. You have to go into “settings” in the NAV screen to disable.

    No more Premium car rentals. Next time it will be a compact so that I will be able to run it.

  22. THANK YOU!! Sitting at a gas station with my rented 300, couldn’t find tbe button. Thanks to you (and google), I get to save …let’s see…12 gallons at $3/gallon above retail…$36!!!!

  23. Thank you so much for this. I have a 300 rental and looked all over the car for about a half hour today for the gas door release. Thank you for explaining. That is relaly stupid. Plus, my rental did not have a manufacturers handbook.

  24. Thanks for this- chuckled as this is about 12 hours after I wanted to fill up rental last night. Figured it out when I looked through owners manual- buried on page 99 if I remember correctly, and they had a picture almost identical to yours. If you need an explicit photographic instruction of where it is- isn’t that just a little bit too much hard work #Chrysler? A negative experience that levels off an otherwise great experience with the car~.

    • @Shaun, I’ve got a rental…. looked for a day for that button. Even looked in the owners Manual.. problem, the owners manual was for a Grand Caravan. Very impressed with the car the first couple of days. Starting to piss me off. Thank God for this post, I would have run out of gas tonight. I even cruised the parking lots for a bit looking for 300 owners…lol

  25. Thanks so much fir this … Stuck at a gas station in cheny WA with no idea on how to open the gas lid till I found your post. Appreciated!

  26. Oh man you posting this just saved me major headache. I searched that damn car and turned to the internet and wasn’t let down. Thanks!

  27. thank you so much for the post! I’m away on business, have a rental and had no idea how to open the cap till I read your info! My husband at home kept telling me it has to be there somewhere but I could not find!! Thanks again!!

  28. I found the button for the gas release door.Now there is a little black basket in there,do I let that in and just put the hose in that to the is not shown in the book.

  29. This is great your post is still helping people even three years later and it certainly helped me today! Like you said I rented one of these cars, everything was great until I had to fill it up and I couldn’t figure it out! I googled it and yours was first hit -thanks again!!

  30. Thanks for posting this picture! I had 15 minutes before seeing a client and then had to rush back to the rental company. What a bizarre design feature, good job Chrysler engineers.

  31. Another rental car rescue. I was able to dial up your picture when my wife just called from the gas station. Gee, Chrysler must not think this is a problem as this was a 2014 model and it’s still in the same place. Your post is still doing good three years later!

  32. Here I am today, right now, on a trip nearly hysterical trying to find the gas cap release on a new Chrysler. Thank God for the internet. And, yes, I got my rental car last night with no explanation the car started using a button, shift was accomplished with a button, that lights did not automatically come on, where the light control was (another button), no way to tell what the positions were because it was night. I drove four miles with no lights till i got to a service station with some light. The agonies of Hell. The car however is fabulous.

  33. thank God for you! We rented a Chrysler 300 2015 and did know how and I had to put gas in the car! lol my husband was trying to figure it out and wanted to get the book out the car and all that I said hold on one minute let me google it and there you were! kisses kisses kisses you save the day! I looked exactly where you had the round red circle around the gas tank and there it is! thanks again!

  34. Thanks!!! Same thing happened to me at the gas station. Very silly place for it. Saved me a call which was sure to make me look silly.

  35. You and Siri really saved the day in Kauai. If the Costco had been open on Labor Day, I probably would have had ten people behind me, but instead sweated it out at a less-busy gas station. Still, rented an X5 at the start of the trip and was just amazed at how old-fashioned the Chrysler ergonomics were by comparison. And mysterious, when it came to the gas cap release. Thanks!

  36. Thank God for this post and Siri for bringing me here all over the car and no luck had to ask Siri for help. Most rental car desk people would not know where it is located I had to show a rental clerk how to start car without key, they though the cleaner person lost an actual key!

  37. Thank you for you picture of where the fuel door release is for a Chrysler 300. It saved me when I was rushing to return the rental car for my flight home!!!

  38. I’m glad I’m not the only one! I rented a Chrysler 300, stopped at the gas station this morning and felt like a fool because I had to drive away after spending several minutes trying to find the release button unsuccessfully. Luckily I had enough gas left to get to where I needed to go and I’ll stop by a gas station this afternoon… this time knowing where it is, thanks to you!

  39. I was just at the gas station and after yelling at this car for pulling too far up I finished pumping my gas and they were still sitting in their rented Chrysler 500. I finally realized the guy couldn’t figure out how to open his gas tank so I googled it real fast and this blog came up and I let him know where it was. So thank you all this is very helpful!

  40. Like all others above, thanks
    There is no logical reference in the badly designed manual as to where it he fuel cap control I’d 🙁

  41. Tried your advise on our Chrysler 200 rental to no avail. No gas cap release on the door. Finally my husband pushed the gas cap door and it opened. Who would have guessed?

  42. Thanks! Rented a 300 and hubby couldn’t find a way to open gas tank. Googled you and found the button in the door.

  43. This was the most helpful thing ever. I was on my lunch break with only 10 minutes left but was on E and this got me to work on time! Ty!!

  44. My husband was just trying to refuel a 2016 Chrysler 300 before returning to the rental agency but couldn’t find the GD button to open the tank. Since he doesn’t own a smartphone he had to drive back home and see this post to be able to refuel this car. Who the hell puts a button their? That’s the most stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Why don’t all car company’s just put the fucking button in the same spot, on every make, model of car they produce. They put the trunk and the engine in the same spots. How hard can that be?

  45. OMG thank you for this. I was just now at the gas station and looking everywhere. I even looked through the manual!! LOL I had to Google and your post came up. I REALLY enjoyed this rental (lots of fancy perks), but the gas thing threw me for a loop. LOL

  46. Omg thank you thank you! I’ve been sitting in this gas station for 15 min refusing to give up, and laughing because it’s so ridiculous that I couldn’t find the gas for lever. You saved me!

  47. You probably didnt think you would be so effing popular over a gas cap issue in 2011, huh?? Well thanks for the help and the laugh. Thought it was pretty funny to be at a gas station in rural Ontario reading a post to fill up the damn rental,,

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