Small Spaces

Our house is by no means “small.”  Plenty of people share much smaller spaces.  Nevertheless, I’ve become mildly obsessed with trying to find multipurpose furniture.

While surfing my daily blogs, I came across a post by swissmiss (becoming one of my faves…but I think I’m late on that bandwagon).  On of her posts was the work/play table developed by ahhaproject design studio.

It basically has a “hidden” compartment that is revealed by sliding the first tabletop into the side legs.

How awesome is that?  The perfect craft/wrapping/gaming/laptop table.  When it’s time to eat, you just cover it all up!

Through Swissmiss, I also found shoebox dwellings.  And I quickly added it to my reader list.  It’s a great spot for design-y furniture.  Or….the furniture that looks awesome but is probably too expensive for my budget.

One of the older posts was on a book shelf bicycle rack.  Love this idea!  I actually have a garage….so a rack like this is unnecessary, but I like the idea of incorporating the bike as a part of your decor.

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