Happy 4th of July!

Yes, yes, I should talk about something patriotic. INSTEAD, I’m going to talk about fireworks. The real reason we all love the 4th so much.

Fireworks were banned in Issaquah – which didn’t stop Nick and Chris from going to the reservations…but I digress. As a result, it’s been almost 20 years since I’ve gone to a fireworks stand.
I remember it fondly – we’d show up with dad. I’d ask to buy a mega pack – No dice for this one. Dad knew the “good ones” and made up his own pack. My favorite was the one that sent an army ranger into the air and then floated to earth. Thankfully, Uncle Brad always bought a mega pack, so we had our share of crappy fireworks.
Well, it’s 4th of July and we wanted some good ol’ fashion fun. Sparklers. I told Nick we needed to buy sparklers and he looked at me like I was crazy. I believe his words were, “sparklers, you’re serious.” If it doesn’t make a loud noise or emits lots of light, it’s apparently not worth it to this pyro.
In any case, I was on a mission. So we found a fireworks stand in Dublin. The woman tried to sell Nick the mega pack – one of which was $500 and as tall as I am. The saleswoman was quick to chime in that it was a $700 value. We’d be dumb not to buy it. Which brings me to my main point. I have no conception of how much a firework should cost. None.
My sparklers were $7.99 + tax. But they were doing a buy one get one free deal. Great. So I ended up with 60 sparklers. I have no idea what I’ll do with all of these, but I have them. And I still have no idea if I got ripped off. The only thing I can gauge against is candles – specifically the ones that spark. Those are effing expensive – maybe $3 for 12. So if I use that as a measure, it was a steal. However, I wouldn’t recommend putting sparklers on a cake….the little black pits and smell of sulfur will probably keep folks from taking a bite.
Before I wrote this little post, I decided to check into fireworks laws. Here’s a funny one for Livermore-Pleasanton:
“The Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department is reminding residents that all types of fireworks — even the legal kind — are illegal to have or use in both cities.”

Even the legal kind are illegal. Go figure. Happy 4th!

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