How to make the flag cake

I’ll probably not make this cake again because it was such a pain. But here’s how to make it if someone out there wants to be patriotic.

1. Pick your favorite red velvet cake recipe. I used 2, 8″ pans. The cake was a little on the tall side, so perhaps 9″ pans would work better.
2. Find a white cake recipe that you like. I found an awesome one by Rose Levy Beranbaum. Search her website for “White Velvet Cake” and you’ll find the recipe. You’ll need to bake this cake 2 different way – one with no food coloring and the other with a small bottle of blue.
3. Make some delicious frosting. I like cream cheese/whipped cream frosting AKA best frosting ever.
Here you can see the evidence, 6 – 8″ cakes. Technically, I have 2 red/white/blue cakes and could probably have just frosted them and been done. But I like a challenge. Nick actually thought that all I was going for was a stacked red, white and blue. Little did he know.
4. First things first. Get a cake leveler – this is a fancy wilton leveler, but I used one from ikea and it worked like a charm!

Level all the cakes (cut off the tops). Then cut the reds and whites in half.
5. Now we need to make the bottom half of the cake (the easier half). Alternate between the red and white layers, putting frosting between each layer. Piece of cake! Badum ching! Set this to the side and do it again. That’s right, now you have TWO red/white layer cakes.
6. Now you need to cut a hole in one of your red/white layer cakes. I used a large circular cookie cutter as my template. You are trying to get a red and white core. The hardest part about all this was removing the core. I was trying to keep the toroid (doughnut in laymans terms) intact. In the end, I broke the toroid into 2 halves and removed the core.
The red and white core!!!
7. Now you need to do the same thing with the 2 blue layers. This should be easier since they aren’t all frosted together. I found it to be quite simple.
8. Now it’s the easy part! Assembly! Put your fully intact red and white layer cake on the bottom. Frost. Then put 1 toroidal blue layer on, slip in the red and white core and add the 2nd blue layer.

Ta da!

Then continue to frost. I needed 1.5 batches of frosting to cover this beasty.
Things I’d do differently:
1. 9″ instead of 8″ – don’t get me wrong, 8″ looked great, but 9″ might be more manageable.
2. You need frosting between the 2 blue layers AND between the blue and the red/white core. When it came time to slice, we had to put some of the slices back together.
And the real question you’re all wondering? What did you do with the red and white toroid and blue core? I made another cake with it! It’s technically a flag cake as well. So this recipe actually makes 1, 7″ cake and 1, 3.5″ cake.
We don’t waste anything in this house and are still eating the tops of the cakes that were cut off to make them nice and level.
Again, I’m not the creative genius behind the cake. Check out 17 and Baking.
And if anyone has any ideas for a cake like this – i.e. put a random design inside a cake – let me know. It’s kinda fun.

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