Dear Sad, Sad A’s Fans,

I know you’re really upset that Yoenis Cespedes got traded to the Red Sox.  But let me tell you why I think it’s going to be just fine.

You see, I’m a Mariners fan.  And it’s tough to be a Mariner’s fan.

In 1998 we lost Randy Johnson.  Our 6’10” pitcher who would go on to gain fame as a pigeon annihilation machine.


After the 1999 season we lost Griffey.  Griffey.  It’s not even fair how sad we were. And in 2000 we lost A-rod.  We were sad at the time, but in hindsight, it was probably for the best.

Then in 2001, we had the most glorious season.  116 mother effing wins.  116 (let’s ignore that it was Ichiro’s rookie season).

116 winsDid we win a world series.  Of course not, we’re Seattle.  But it was magical.  At the beginning of the season, I could barely name a single player (possibly because I wasn’t paying as much attention….but I digress).  By the end, I loved them all.  Next to 1995, it was probably one of the greatest Mariners seasons I had ever witnessed (which is totally sad that the 2 best seasons happened over a decade ago).

So what am I getting at?  We lost a few really good players.  Griffey, Randy and A-rod.  By all accounts, 2001 should have sucked.  But it didn’t.

So yeah, be upset you lost Cespedes.  But I think it means good things for your A’s.  And if the Mariner’s aren’t going to the World Series, you bet I’m rooting for the A’s.

Happy Friday!



We’re Legit

Many of you saw this yesterday when I posted it on instagram.  But it’s worth a repeat.

Brooke and I are getting pretty serious over here.  We’re actually not too shabby at this whole photography thing.  So we decided to up our game a bit (well, we really just HATE burning DVDs…I mean, what year is it anyways?!).  So we invested in some fun USBs.  But not just ANY USBs, bamboo USBs.  I know.  Right?!  We so fancy!

I kinda can’t wait to send off our first wedding on these little guys.  Packaged super cute (because that’s half the fun of it!).

For those out there that have ever hired a pro photographer for one reason or another – what fun touches did they throw in that you loved?

Smithfield, NC

Some of you probably saw my posts from Wednesday.  For those that didn’t, here it is!

My friend, Will, asked Lisa and I to pose for some stock photos he was trying to create.  Typically, you NEVER see the photos again.  People use them, but trying to find them would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Fast forward to Tuesday when a co-worker mentioned seeing us randomly on tripadvisor.  What?!  Naturally, we went looking.  And Will found it!

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 8.05.19 PMAnd here’s the original in case you were wondering.


Can’t believe they cropped out my hair!

A few facts about Smithfield, N.C.

  • The median household income is $27,813
  • You can by a mansion for $395,000

Smithfield Mansion

  • The mall they are advertising is actually an outlet, it receives 4/5 stars and it totally has a Banana and a J Crew.  Legit mall and one I would potentially frequent if I happened to live in Smithfield.
  • Which is unlikely, since they have a 0.63% Asian population.

When I was little, I wanted to be a model.  Now I can check it off the list!

Happy Friday!

This Week and Last

Currently sitting in the Oakland airport, my flight to LA has been delayed by quite a bit.  Thankfully, it’s giving me a little time to update the blog.

Over the weekend, we enjoyed the amazingly warm weather in the city with a Picnic in Alamo Square Park.  Home of the Painted Ladies, made famous by the Full House intro video!  80’s nostalgia lives on. We bought Denica’s cookies, drank diet Dr. Pepper, ate Mr. Pickle’s sandwiches and snacked on chili cheese Fritos.  Why the sudden junk food binge?  After our picnic we were headed to the ballet.  So Nick got whatever he wanted for lunch.

For the record, I NEVER make Nick come with me to the ballet.  But he decided it would be a “fun” day in the city.  So off we went.  SF Ballet was performing Christopher Wheeldon’s Cinderella.  The performance had sold out last year before I could get tickets, so I was sure to snap some up for the encore performance.  SF Ballet did not disappoint – but I think Nick won’t be attending the ballet again anytime soon 🙂  Some of my favorite Nick-isms from the ballet:

  • I didn’t realize there would be NO talking.
  • I didn’t see Gus-gus
  • If he could have talked he could have been like “HEY, you forgot your shoe! And I didn’t get your number!”
  • Me: What was your favorite part? Nick: when they do the double axles

This week….

  • I’ll be in LA, taking a class at UCLA
  • Hopefully meeting up with these crazy kids for dinner
  • Reading Shift, the sequel to WOOL (you can read Part 1 of WOOL for free if you have a kindle) – another dystopian novel, but different than Hunger Games and Divergent
  • Playing Three on my iPhone – it makes me feel a little bit smarter than playing Candy Crush (thanks, Hitha!)
  • Dreaming about the amazing pastrami sandwich I had this past weekend at Refuge in San Carlos.  The only downside? All the salt.  Just pound water for the next few days.  It’s totally worth it.

Happy Monday!

WDS 2013

We went to Portland to attend the World Domination Summit.

Your mind just went 1 of 2 ways – Pinky and the Brain or 50 Shades of Grey.  Right?

The World Domination Summit has nothing to do with either of those 2 things (thankfully).  The best way to describe it?  A ton of people who want to “live a remarkable life in a conventional world.”  It was super awesome and we both had a great time.  It was way more touchy-feely than I’m use to, but that’s ok.  Then again, when all of my conferences consist of engineers, ANYTHING would be a little more touchy-feely.

Over the weekend, I kept trying to think of what I would blog about.  What was the best part or what sort of tid bits of information I could impart on my massive blog audience (and by massive I mean about 50 people).  Because I’m in a list-making mood, here are my top 3 moments of awesome from WDS 2013.

3.  Learning about rejection therapy from Jia Jiang.  There’s nothing fancy about his blog, but he’s got an amazing message.  The reader’s digest version is that regret is much worse than rejection and that people may actually surprise you.  Here’s his talk, summed up on 2 beautifully sketched pages (credit to Mike Roh of Roh design who made these – no idea how he does it, kinda like magic.  Apparently he does this live.  His memory must be amazing!  The rest of his sketches can be found on his flickr site)

Recently Updated92.  Donald Miller, best-selling author, had a great quote that we should all try to live by a bit more, “We are not our failures. We are not our successes.”  Easier said than done, but always good to repeat.

This was another fave.  Feel the fear and do it anyways!

1.  This was probably one of my favorite moments and had nothing to do with the formal program.  Nick and I were walking down the street and I recognized a girl waiting for the bus.  It took me a moment to place her before I realized she writes a blog that I follow, C’est Christine.  I stopped her, and awkwardly asked if she was Christine – she was seriously as sweet as she could be – and then Nick and I kept walking.  Not sure if it was Nick or I who thought to check twitter, but I did and saw the following tweet:

So I responded….I’m not an avid tweeter for anyone wondering.

And her response.

Now seriously.  How awesome is that?! I was excited to meet someone I’d only ever known online and it happened to make her day (even thought it was totally by accident).  I could have just walked by (thanks to Jia Jiang, I didn’t) and it turned out great for both of us.  And by the way, it feels awesome to make someones day.

WDS was awesome.  Nicest group of 2900 people I’ve ever been with!

Sheets vs. Pages

It’s subtle.

Back story.

My friend, Brooke, (I seem to start a lot of my posts with that) was telling me about her journal-ing project.  She made a note card for every day of the year, but no actual year.  Does that make sense?  So the first note card says “January 1” at the top. The first line of the note card reads 2013 and then a short 3 word phrase.  You do this everyday and then continue every year.  Not incredibly exciting the first year, but as you progress, I can see how it would be fun to look back on previous years.  So next year on January 1, 2014, she’ll go to the next line and add another 3 word phrase.

Sounded like fun!  But I wanted a travel version of this setup. A box of notecards didn’t sound portable and sounded like a cataloging nightmare anytime the box fell over.  My solution?  A journal!

There are a few out there for this explicit purpose.  But most are for short periods of time 3-5 years.  Obviously I’ve committed myself for 5+ years (hello? I’ve had a blog for over 5 years now).  Off I went in search of a notebook suitable for my journal-ing needs.

I found an adorable, purple, leather bound notebook.  It was even made from recycled materials.  It wasn’t a major selling point, but who knows, in 5+ years I could be way more hippie and I wouldn’t want to regret my choice of leather.  The notebook had 256 pages, and since I was already prepared to use the front and the back.  I was set.

And that’s where things went horribly wrong (horribly is a slight exaggeration, but it makes for a much more dramatic story).

The notebook arrived 2 days later (Thank You, Amazon Prime!) and I began flipping through the pages.  Hmmm, this doesn’t seem like it’s going to have enough pages.  Sure enough.  There were only 128 pieces of paper in the notebook.  Sheets, if you will.  This meant there were only 256 writing surfaces for me to use.  Not enough for my journal-ing project.

I get it.  If you have a 300 page book, the front of a page counts as page 1, the back of page 1 is page 2.  There are only 150 sheets of paper in a 300 page book.

I felt better when an English teacher friend of mine sympathized with my predicament.  And then noted that notepads tell you how many SHEETS are in it, while books go by PAGES.  If you’re lucky, the notebook will tell you sheets and pages, just to be clear.  But most don’t.

So I now have a perfectly lovely, purple, leather notebook that will be used for something.  In the meantime, I’m off to find a 365+ page (183+ sheet) notebook.

If you have any good leads on a notebook that fits the bill, leave me a note!  I’d be super grateful!

Everyone needs a Tara

You know how I sometimes write about people and I joke that they never read the blog?  Well I’m 99% sure that Tara doesn’t know I have a blog 🙂  But that’s ok!

Tara is the younger of my 2 cousins.  And everyone needs a Tara.

Here’s why.

In addition to being basically gorgeous, and totally sarcastic, Tara is that super cute stylish girl you love to hate (but really love) – and not stylish like “skinny jeans and a cute top” she’s stylish like “blanket scarf, leather vest, headband, printed leggings” stylish (I actually think that’s what she wore on Christmas…with some funky bootie slippers).  Yeah….and she’ll wear it all together and look amazingly cute.  If I put half those things on I’d be fielding questions from coworkers  Don’t get me started about the day I first wore my sparkly TOMS to work.  Ha!  I was asked on more than one occasion about Dorothy and her shoes.  I’m not kidding.

Tara is the young one in the family and I’ve recently taken to texting her with my fashion questions.  And she gives the best advice!  I needed a dress suggestion, so she sent me a ton of options – yes, one was Valentino or some other UBER expensive designer – but she also sent me a ton of reasonably priced ones as well.  She recently gave me the ok for a new scarf I thought was borderline “too young” – but hey, I’m still in my 20’s, right?

And in case you had any doubt, here’s a pic of Tara at our wedding.  Yep.  She rocked heeled booties on the beach.

Thanks, Tara…for helping ensure a 20 something (almost 30 but whatever) engineer doesn’t dress like an engineer 🙂

Apple Cider Vinegar is basically MAGIC

Last week Nick was starting to feel a little under the weather.  He thought it might be something sinus related.  And since he’s somewhat averse to going to the doctor, he did what anyone else would do.  Googled it.

A few searches later, he landed on a home remedy.  Apple Cider Vinegar + Lemon + Honey.  He decided there was a 50/50 chance it was something that would actually help or some cruel game played by people on the internet.

Fast forward to the weekend and we learn from a friend (more trusted than google) that apple cider vinegar is a common remedy for colds – specifically sinus-y/plugged-up-nose type colds.

If you believe all the claims about ACV (because I’m getting sick of typing Apple Cider Vinegar) it could actually be considered kind of magical.  Here’s a list of things proponents claim it helps (Thanks, WebMD):

High Cholesterol
High Blood Pressure
Weight Loss
Heart Health

As a result, we decided to try some and see if it made us feel better.  The best stuff (the uber hippy stuff, as we refer to it) is the Bragg Organic ACV.  Make sure to get the kind with “the Mother.”  “The Mother” is the term used to describe the bits floating around in the bottle.  Yum!

We got out the glasses and poured 1Tbs of ACV + 1Tbs of water (unsuccessful attempt to dilute the vinegar but still get it down in one swig).

And with a hearty cheers, we drank.  And holy heck it burned.  And tasted pretty foul.  And was not diluted NEARLY enough.  But it sure cleared out the sinuses!

We took another shot the next morning – diluted a tiny bit more – and it was actually a smidge more palatable.  Although Nick and I both agreed we’d rather take a swig of cough medicine any day.

You are technically suppose to have it twice a day – everyday.  But a few first hand accounts claim the effects are almost immediate if you’re feeling a little under the weather.  Do you swear by ACV?  Leave a comment and tell me what you think!

Pay it forward Friday

Over the holiday, a friend paid for the Starbucks order of the customer behind him. It lasted for 71 transactions! Kind of amazing.

Then yesterday, I noticed a few people on Facebook posting that they would send something homemade to the first 5 commenters. The winning commenters had to pay it forward!

So with that same spirit in mind, I’ll send something homemade to the first 5 commenters!

I’m not even going to make you leave a comment about something specific. Anything you want! But if you “win” pay it forward – however you like!

Happy Friday!

Thankful Thursdays

And other things that make me happy.

I think it’s a good idea to reflect on what we’re thankful for and what brings joy to our lives.  And not just during THANKSgiving.  It helps keep things in perspective and reminds us just how lucky we really are.

I know there are studies that show being mindful of what you are thankful for can boost your general well being, improve your grades, make you a better friend, help you sleep better, improve your relationship….the list goes on (thank you, Huffington Post).

I’ll be making Thursday my official day to document what I’m thankful for.  Since this will be a weekly post, I imagine the list will be quite varied and should be fun to look back on in a year.

So here goes.  The first Thankful Thursday of 2013.

1. The empty Starbucks cup sitting in the cup holder on our drive from Livermore to Seattle.  And the amazing luck we had that allowed us to catch Mochi’s barf in said cup while driving with chains in Northern CA.  (Lots to be thankful for – ability to buy starbucks, chains in the car, a husband that could put chains on the car in less than 10 minutes, I-5 opening up just as we arrived, hand eye coordination used to catch the barf)

2.  An uneventful (read that as no barfing dog, no snow, and no chains required) drive from Seattle to Livermore.

3.  A Christmas break where I got see my family and friends!

4.  Going through a ton of stuff from high school, thankful I could look back with such fond memories.  I really did enjoy high school and have some wonderful friends (and a husband) to show for it!
If you’re out in the blogosphere and want to join in, just let me know!  Write a similar post and add your link below!  I’ll be doing this every week, so feel free to join in at any time!

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